DRP vs Non DRP

You deserve fair treatment from your auto insurance company after you have been in an accident. 


At Express Collision Center, we’re proud to have a non-DRP certification for a GM auto shop, meaning that we are trusted by GM to repair your vehicle without interference from your insurance company. 


Every insurance company has a recommended network of shops that allow them to pay as little money as possible to repair your vehicle. 


But you have rights. You can get your vehicle repaired wherever you want, and can decline the insurance companies recommendation in favor of Express Collision Center. 


DRP vs Non- DRP 

Direct Repair Program (DRP) is a deal between auto repair shops and insurance companies to have repairs performed at a discounted price. 


This is manipulative by the insurance companies, because they are simply looking to pay the lowest price without regard for the quality of the repair. 


Through these agreements, claims are paid less than what the insured vehicle owner isw contractually owed. DRP shops are “graded” on cost effectiveness of the repair, causing quality to take a back seat. 


Non DRP shops, however, have no obligation to make the insurance company happy. Quality repair is at the forefront, and the insurance company still has to pay for it. 


You get to choose who repairs your vehicle 

Despite what the insurance company wants you to think, you are in control of where your vehicle is repaired. 


You are not bound by contract or law to use the insurance companies “preferred” or “recommended” shops. You paid for and operated the vehicle, and you get the final say. 


Further, the insurance company is required to pay for the repair. 


The insurance company may be insistent that you must take the vehicle to one of their preferred shops. This simply isn’t true. 


You can request that the insurance company shows you the contract and the law, at which point they will be able to produce nothing. From there, you can then bring your vehicle to a shop that prioritizes a quality repair over the insurance companies “grade.” 


Insurance companies may not have your best interest at heart

Insurance companies are not care repair professionals. They do not know what services will best get you back on the road after an accident. 


The insurance companies manipulate DRP shops by making them pay for a portion of your rental car if the repair takes too long. 


This leads to the shop rushing the job so that they don’t receive a “failing” grade from the car insurance companies and incur extra expenses. 


You can avoid dealing with this game and bring your vehicle to our trusted collision center, where our family owned and operated business has always prescribed the guiding principle that you have the right to choose where you spend your money. 


Don’t let the insurance company force you to go where they want you to. Take control of your vehicle repair, and get quality done right! 


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