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The Corvette: An American Classic

Ever since being introduced at the GM Motorama in 1953, the Chevrolet Corvette has long stood a symbol of American automotive design. First dreamed up in secret by then designer for General Motors Harley Earl, the original C1 Corvettes were inspired by the road racing cars developed by European car makers. Later design fell to Zora Arkus-Duntov, a Belgian born engineer who would be known as the extremely passionate “father of the Corvette”. With the Corvette’s long history and several generations of models, there is a lot of history surrounding the iconic car. When you own a Chevy Corvette from any year, it is something special, not just another car or another hobby, but something you have to love. As in all things you love, you don’t trust them to anybody; when your baby is sick you want to make sure you are trusting her to someone who deserves your trust.

At Express Collision Center, we have a passion for fine cars and a respect for working on them, whether it be repair or restoration. With a combined experience of over 70 years restoring and repairing all kinds of cars and vehicles gives you a great respect for the classics, chief among them the Chevy Corvette. If your Corvette needs a little work, a lot of work, or a  complete restoration, bring it by our shop at 5450 Desert Point Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89118. When it comes to Corvettes, it is a privilege, a labor of love to work on them.

We’re the Experts at Repairing the Classic Corvette

Whether you have a fresh-off-the-lot 2014 model, a C2 Stingray, or even one of the original 300 made back in 1953, we are ready to work on whatever you need done. We have been certified 100% by General Motors to work on the Corvette. If you are looking for the ideal people to handle your Corvette, Express Collision Center is the place to go. With our experience, passion, and fair pricing you will not be able to find a better place to leave your treasured Corvette to get the work done on it you want.

Corvettes are a piece of American history, and if you happen to own one of these beautiful machines, you want to make sure you have the number ready for people you can trust handing her over to. Express Collision Center, with our experience and passion for Corvettes, will never disappoint you. If you are wanting to restore your Corvette, or have any body work done on it, give us a call today at (702) 676-2010 today!